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Bonnie Stevenson brings Access BARS® and Body Processes® to Wallaceburg! 

When was the last time you asked your body what it would like?  Spend an hour with me as we listen to what that might be! $120

Access BARS® 

A Bars session, like a de-frag for your computer, is for your brain; all the decisions, judgements, conclusions, and computations that you have made in relation to your life and your body, have clogged and slowed the capacity (your mind) Having your Bars run lets you clear that up and start with a fresh page. Be in allowance for your mind; to be at ease. Relax, so that you are refreshed and capable of choosing rather than reacting and resisting. Let the energetic charges that have built up dissipate. Let's clear that emotional baggage and allow you... to be. Read more about my journey....


Access Body Processes

Access Consciousness explains that a Body Process, like Bars for the head, is hands-on, energetic clearings for the body. Emotional & physical trauma, judgements, conclusions and triggers that have built up within the body are held in such tension (as to the breaking point) where they fester, can cause pain, and most often create dis-ease. Being in allowance of calm and relaxation helps your body to come back to its natural state of self-healing. Allowing your body to receive these hands-on processes, brings comfort, joy and the start of communion with your body! Listen...    Ask...    
What energy, space, consciousness and choice can you and your body receive that creates more for YOU? What Body Process do you and your body choose? 

Body Processes can benefit:
• Aging • ADD, ADHD, Autism • Asthma • Allergies • Clearing Mind Chatter
• Detoxification/Toxicity • Emotional support • Increased Energy • Pain/Inflammation
• Immune System Function • Sex/Relationships • Stress • Sleep • Trauma • Tumours
• Vision/Hearing • Weight/Body Issues


Crystal Intuition/ Translation session

Do you have a favourite crystal you'd like to know more about? Are you curious to learn and would like to come play with Crystals...?
 - I perceive cosmic energetic potential via high vibrational rocks, crystals and gemstones. Let me help you translate their vibration.

- Are you ready to receive? Will you choose to listen to their song? I will help guide your inner knowing and we can choose a selection of these crystals that I can make into a bracelet or piece of jewellery. You choose the budget. I will then transform it into a OOAK bracelet, or piece of jewellery.

(sterling silver & assortment of 6mm - 20mm gemstone beads)

$50/50min session.
(If you decide on having a crystal bracelet made, 50% of the session cost will be re-directed towards the final cost of the bracelet or piece of jewellery.)


INVESTMENT in your peace of mind:

Bars: 1st session Recommended 60 mins Bars ($120)
Bars: 30 mins Access Bars ($60)
Bars: 60 mins Access Bars ($120)
Bars Mini Combo: (30 mins Bars/ 20mins Body Process) ($90)
Bars Combo: Full Bars Combo (60 mins Bars/ 20mins Body Process) ($150)
Bars Full Monty: (60 mins Bars / 2hrs of BLISS) ($220)
Bars PACKAGE: (3x60mins Bars sessions) ($320)
Bars Package Lucky 7: ( 6x60mins Bars sessions) ($600) + a complementary 60mins Bars

Body Processes
Body Process: 20 mins ($40)
Body Process: 40 mins ($80)
Body Combo: Full Hour ($120) can be 2 - 3 individual Body Processes.

Crystal Intuition session: 50mins ($50)
Full Crystal & Vibration Reiki session: 60mins ($80)


Bonnie A. Stevenson
Arisen Moon Autocatalysis Energy
Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher
Bijou Heaven Studio, Sarnia
Access Consciousness Bars and Body Process Facilitator
Wallaceburg Wellness Centre
Cell: 519-332-9700