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Thermography Clinic Niagara
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 Spring 2022

We are pleased again to welcome the Thermography Clinic Niagara. 
For more information about the benefits of thermography, please contact their office.
Phone: 905-714-1221,

Digital infrared imaging scans show the function, the physiology and the metabolism of breast tissue. It gives a picture of the functional activity in breast tissue. Usually, abnormal cells are hotter because a malignant tissue mass is greedy. To feed their rapid growth, these cells produce a chemical that makes new blood vessels grow. This is called angiogenesis ("angio" means blood vessel; "genesis" means creation.) A digital infrared imaging scan shows the heat difference between normal breast tissue and problem areas. NO radiation, NO compression, NO touching, NON-invasion. Be proactive in your breast health - BOOK your appointment now. 

Price List

Cranial / Dental / Thyroid - $200
Breast Screening - $250
Cranial-Breast Combo - $375
Upper Body Imaging - $275
Lower Body Imaging - $275
Full Body Imaging - $650
MAIL OUT Doctor Copy (each) - $4.00
All Service - Add HST


The next booking date will be in the Spring of 2022 .

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