Cathy Cogghe, RMT

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- Registered Massage Therapist
- Level 3 NKT® - Certified Neurokinetic Practitioner
- Holistic Energy Therapist - Reiki, Access Bars®, JinShin Jyutsu® Acrupressure, Therapeutic Touch
- Certified Yoga Instructor - CYA-E-RYT500® with Canadian Yoga Alliance
- NIA White Belt® Trainer
Cathy has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2006. She incorporates many assessment techniques to help her clients get to the root cause of their pain or movement dysfunction. 
Her treatment plans integrate several techniques of soft tissues massage, deep tissue/fascial release, breath repatterining, NeuroKinectic TherapyⓇ, and remedial exercises. Clients are sent home with personalized exercises to help resolve their painful movements and integrated the newly corrected patterns into their daily activities.

Cathy continues to study anatomy and functional movement of the body as a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2009, as well as committing to a 4 year program of Osteopathic Manual Therapy at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, beginning April 2021. 

Wallaceburg Wellness Centre

at 222 Wellington St.
Wallaceburg, ON.

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NOTICE of Fee Increase as of
Jan 1, 2021 (tax incl)

  • 30 minutes - $60.00    
  • 45 minutes - $85.00    
  • 60 minutes - $95.00

A La Carte Services
(tax incl)

  • 30 minutes Infrared Sauna - add $30.00
  • 30 minutes Therapy Bath - add $30.00  
  • Hot Stone Massage - add $10.00

Benefits of Massage, NeuroKinetic Therapy, Reiki & Acupressure

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