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We are happy to once again be able to provide massage therapy for you. With new Public Health Regulations from the province and our own governing body, the CMTO, you will notice many changes when you return for treatments. As we begin to fill our schedules again, please be sure to check you emails for a link to our new forms portal.




With a broad range of treatments, Massage Therapy can help relieve pain and stiffness from an injury or overuse. Providing relief from headaches, muscle spasms, tendonitis, even symptoms of carpal tunnel and sciatica. Massage can also help you relive stress and anxiety, help lower blood pressure, while providing clients with much needed "down time" for their hectic lifestyles.

NOTE: Therapy Bath and Sauna Sessions are not yet open.

Therapy Bath
sessions are available with coverage through your extended insurance benefits, when scheduled as part of your massage therapy treatments. These sessions can be booked before or after your massage sessions and cost $30 for the additional 30 minutes. Check with your therapist for more information. See more...

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