Jin Shin Acupressure

with Cathy Cogghe, RMT

Acupressure originated in the Orient thousands years ago as an intrinsic part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The traditional Chinese believe that Qi (the energy of life) flows along meridians in our bodies, just as blood flows along blood vessels. In turn, these meridians or pathways are linked to specific internal organs and organ systems. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the uninterrupted, balanced flow of this energy keeps us alive and healthy. Similarly, if this life energy is impeded in any part of the body, disease (or dis-ease) results.

Unlike acupuncture, Jin Shin Acupressure does not use needlesLight fingertip pressure is applied to points or "safety energy locks" along the meridians of the body. A practitioner can activate the client's energy to help their body balance itself. By using a prescribed combinations of the 26 pairs of the points, Jin Shin Acupressure can help correct or rebalance the flow of energy, consequently relieving pain and/or restoring health.

This technique uses a gentle application but can profoundly improve the client's wellbeing on all levels. Clients often report the release of more that just physical symptoms. If past traumas or emotional issues appear to manifest in the body's tissues, Jin Shin Acupressure is a very effective way to restore harmony from within. Many client report feeling very relaxed and calm after their sessions. Jin Shin is also simple to apply on yourself. Clients use the form of Acupressure to treat themselves and help continue the balancing effects gained from their session.

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