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Bonnie Stevenson brings Access BARS® and Body Processes® to Wallaceburg! 

When was the last time you asked your body what it would like?  Spend an hour with me as we listen to what that might be!

Access BARS® 

Let's clear that emotional baggage and allow you ... to Be. A Bars session is for your brain; like a de-frag for your computer -  all the decisions, judgements, and conclusions that you have slowed your Being. 

Having your "Bars run" is like a fresh page, and let's you Be. Let the energetic charges that have built up dissipate. Give your over-thinking monkey brain a rest.
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Access Body Processes

Access Consciousness explains that a Body Process, like Bars for the head, is hands-on, energetic clearings for the body. Emotional & physical trauma, judgements, conclusions and triggers that have built up within the body are held in such tension where they fester, can cause pain, and can create dis-ease. Being in allowance of calm and relaxation helps your body to come back to its natural state of self-healing. Allowing your body to receive these hands-on processes, brings comfort, joy and the start of communion with your body! 

Crystal Intuition & Translation Session
Custom Gemstone 

Do you have a favourite crystal you'd like to know more about? Let me help you translate their vibration

I perceive cosmic energetic information via high vibration rocks, crystals and gemstones. Will you choose to listen to their "song"? 

I can create a one-of-a-kind bracelet or piece of jewellery. You choose the budget. You can follow my creations at Bijou Heaven Studio on FB.

INVESTMENT in your peace of mind:

Access Bars Session
1st Access Bars Session  60 - 90 mins (Recommended)  $120
60 mins Access Bars  $120
90 min Energy Session  $120 - $150

Bars Combo: Full Bars Combo (60 mins Bars + 20mins Body Process)  $150
Bars The Works: 2hrs of BLISS (60 min Bars + 60 min Energy Session)  $220
Bars Package: 3 x 60 mins Bars sessions  $320
Bars Package: 6 x 60 mins Bars sessions + a complementary 60 mins Bars  $600

Body Processes
Body Process: 40 mins  $80
Body Combo: 60 min  $120  (can be 2 - 3 individual Body Processes)

Crystal Intuition session: 50mins ($50)
Full Crystal & Vibration Reiki session: 60mins ($80)

Bonnie A. Stevenson
Arisen Moon Autocatalysis Energy
Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher
Bijou Heaven Studio, Sarnia
Access Consciousness Bars and Body Process Practitioner
Wallaceburg Wellness Centre
Cell: 519-332-9700



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