with Maritza Rodriguez-Arseneau, MEd, CCC

Coaching assists people to identify specific goals and reach those goals faster and with ease. It provides clients with tools, perspective and structure to accomplish more through a process of accountability. Coaching reframes beliefs and creates a point of focus for clients to reflect upon and empowers them to discover their own solution.

As a Life Coach, I specialize in the area of forgiveness which in turn helps improve self-esteem, confidence, personal growth and power, inner peace, achieving balance and relationships.

Life Coaching Services are customized to best support your personal needs.Single coaching sessions are available. However, since the purpose of coaching is to attain a valuable goal, this process takes time and commitment. My suggestion is that you make a personal commitment to yourself for at least 4 months of coaching. I find that most relationships continue between 8 months to 2 years, simply because of the benefits you realize in your personal life. I am very confident of the value you will receive from coaching. 

Below are two coaching packages to choose from. Please pick one that feels like the best fit. I look forward to talking with you soon!

Total Transformational Breakthrough
(Recommended Package)

3 Coaching Sessions Per Month phone or in-person (45 - 50 minutes each)
3 Individually Prepared Assignments
Phone Check-In up to 4 opportunities (5-12 min each)
Unlimited Email support

Ultimate Success Breakthrough

2 Coaching Sessions Per Month phone or in-person (45 - 50 minutes each)
2 Individually Prepared Assignments
Weekly Email Support