BIO - Laura Myers

From a young age I can recall practicing magick, even though I didn't realize at the time that is what it was.  I remember one day in Kindergarten I had an upset stomach. Without thought, I glanced at different colours, figuring out which one(s) made me feel better. At the age of four, I was already working with colour therapy to heal myself.  Prior to that, I had 'imaginary' friends. I saw these friends as sparkles of light in the shape of bodies (a young boy and a golden retriever). 

For many years, I seemed to have fallen asleep in a lot of ways, conforming to modern society and forgetting who I am and why I am here.Animals and art became my passions. Being a musician, equestrian, photorgapher, model and artist in various forms. Though my conscious mind may have forgotten my truth, my unconscious mind did not. 

As I reached my early teens, I started practicing energy work (Reiki) with my aunt, her friends and my mum. We would host drum circles and my aunt even taught me how to help heal my horse by using Reiki when I was 15. This work to me was on and off through many years. 

When I was in my mid twenties, I started taking my Magick practices more seriously again, practicing Meditation and Reiki on a daily basis. 

Every day I feel more aligned with my true self, evoking my inner knowledge, abilities and wisdom. I integrade my artistic vision with the healing arts, bringing forth the creativity and magick within me. 

During my childhood years, I was very drawn - and still am - to whales and dolphins, cool colours and the oceans. As my higher self started to awaken, I realized that these feelings of what I love come from my past life times. I do not remember a whole lot about my past lives, but I get flashes of them here and there, almost like a few second movie. I have seen myself standing on the balcony of a palace in Atlantis, gazing out towards the Moon Goddess, Luna, shining down onto the briny Atlantic waters. 

I remember praying before battle during the Bronze Age in Scandinavia. Watching my friends burn at the steak in the Celtic Isles. Swimming in the icy Arctic waters - not cold and not human. I even have deep connections to the Stars and Fae, knowning I have lived on other planets and in different realms.

These cultures are a part of who I am. I impliment what I remember intuitively from my previous lives into my current Shamanic Energy Healing sessions. 

It brings me pride to have stepped into my calling. Though there are countless paths I would love to follow in my life, such as a marine biologist, musician, photographer, yoga instructor, equine trainer, wildlife rehabilitator, environmentalist etc, I only have so much time in this world to be of service. I believe the root cause of many of today's issues are caused by humans with damaged spirits. Humans who need assistance with their healing and remembering who they are and why they are here. This is why I have chosen to dedicate much of my time towards helping humanity remember who they are and evoke their true power of healing.  I believe that once the humans are on their path to healing, the rest of the world will follow. 


Guiding humanity back to nature,

Calling souls to awaken 


Laura Beth Myers (Laurel Birch)