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- PAM WRIGHT Yoga Instructor

Winter Solstice $99 Special

for January, February & March 2018

Are you interested in yoga but not quite sure how to begin? Intimidated by group classes? Do you think you may not be flexible or strong enough to practice? None of those thoughts are true. If you want to explore yoga one-on-one you are welcome to join Pam Wright at the Wallaceburg Wellness Centre Studio, or at your home. Come and find out how to surmount your negative thinking and achieve your goals. 

Pam is currently offering a $99 package which includes three private sessions, featuring one-on-one practical support. You will end up with a routine that’s practical and tailor-made for you. We will also explore deep relaxation and how important it is for you.

PAM WRIGHT has been teaching and practicing yoga for more than 20 years and is a great believer in its power to heal and energize the human being in all aspects of the body, mind and spirit. Trained in the Integral Yoga tradition — an old-school style of yoga headquarted in Virginia for the past 50 years — Pam has studied with many teachers.  The yoga she offers is a fusion of the classical and the modern. She likes to keep the core of the teaching practical and basic, as she believes the portrayal of yoga in modern media has distorted its true message.

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Private Yoga Sessions available

1 hr session of private yoga
$40 for member. $45 non member.
Small group session rates are also available.