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Gray Matter Osteopathy at the Wellness Centre
with Sheryl Gray, M.OMSc

Sheryl Gray is a Classically-trained Osteopathic Manual Therapist who uses honed palpation and manual skills to assess and treat motion restrictions that could be causing pain or dysfunction in the body. Some reasons people seek treatment: frequent headaches, TMD or joint pain, shoulder mobility issues, post-injury rehab, neck or back strain, chronic muscular tension.

Classical Osteopathy does not rely on rote techniques to solve problems. Instead, thorough knowledge of functional anatomy and body mechanics are at the centre of the treatment plan, with many gentle tools customized for the individual to change structural relationships in the body to encourage better movement and health.
As a complementary health care professional, Osteopathic Manual Therapists do not provide diagnosis or treat pathologies, but strive to assist your health while you work within the medical system when required.
What happens in a treatment?
Discussion of your current and past health concerns, including medications, surgeries, and other interventions. Wear comfortable clothes that allow movement for assessment and treatment, active and passive range of motion is assessed. Treatment positions may include sitting or laying on a table on belly, back, or side. Communication of comfort level during session, and coaching to breathe deep or use some muscular strength, occurs throughout.
One treatment can provide benefit, but depending on the concern and their duration, multiple treatments are recommended. Often 3-5 treatments can make a notable difference.
New Year promotion: Initial session includes free health consult, so fee for initial and ongoing is $60 each. As a member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association, receipts will be provided to submit to insurance companies for those with health benefits.

What her patients are saying...

“My treatments were always timely, enjoyable and effective. Sheryl taught me how to treat my conditions with more tender care as I was having a tendency to be a little too rough on myself. Thank you Sheryl for this opportunity to heal in a new way and the privilege to be a part of your practice.” -L.S.

“Sheryl has been my first introduction to osteopathy. It is evident that she is a gifted practitioner. Her adjustments are so gentle and effective, i want to recommend her to everyone!” -C.C.

“Sheryl has a warm and welcoming approach with her Clients. She has helped with chronic sciatica pain and neck/shoulder issues. Within a couple of treatments I was relieved of a severely debilitating heel pain that I had for months. I highly recommend Sheryl for any ongoing pain/ migraine headaches and inflammatory issues you could be experiencing. I'm extremely satisfied that she is very knowledgeable and competent. “
Warmly, Cathy R.

Sheryl is booking appointments every 45 minutes. Depending on your needs, your treatment may take 30 - 40 minutes. At this time Sheryl only treats adults 18 years and up, who are not currently receiving medical care for acute illness or disease.