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Consultations are available for any service listed and 50% of the consultation fee willl be deducted from subsequent appointments.

Footlgix Pedicure 

The worlds first and only  "Pediceutical" foot care line made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are scientifically formulated to provide safe and effective results. Suitable for all skin types and ideal for diabetics and seniors

Includes lacquer removal, anti microbial foot soak, exfoliating seaweed scrub, conditioning cuticle treatment, nail trimming, reducing and refinement, callous softening spray, callous reduction, lower leg and foot massage and your choice of OPI lacquer 

Express Pedicure 

Ideal for the go or budget conscious client
Includes lacquer removal, nail trimming, reduction and refinement, hydrating mousse and your choice of OPI lacquer.

OPI Pro Spa Manicure

Designed to nourish and protect the skin and nails and help slow the signs of aging
Includes lacquer removal, nail trimming and refinement, micro exfoliating hand scrub, cuticle care, soothing moisture mask, hand and arm massage, moisture bonding ceramide spray and your choice of OPI lacquer

OPI GelColor Manicure

"2 weeks or more of lasting colour and shine!"

Includes nail shaping and refinement, cuticle care, your choice of OPI Gelcolor, hand and arm massage and hydrating mist. Soak off removal is also included in the cost of this service as long as the application was done at a previous appointment with Hillary.

Express Manicure 

Ideal for on the go or budget conscious client
Includes lacquer removal, nail trimming and refinement, moisture bonding ceramide spray and your choice of OPI Lacquer

Brow Henna

A natural alternative to tint, henna offers clients a non permanent solution to fuller looking brows that last up to 14 days on skin and up to 6 weeks on hair. Includes brow mapping to ensure symmetrical application, hydrating under eye treatment, brow shaping with your choice of threading or waxing and home care kit.  A colour consultation and product test patch are highly recommended and encouraged for best results. 

Brown Henna is not available in conjunction with Brow Lamination and not suitable for tinting lashes.

Brow Lamination

A process that redirects the brow hair resulting in the appearance of a fuller more uniformed shape for about 6 weeks.
Includes hydrating eye treatment, your choice of wax or threading and home care kit.

Brow Lamination can be combined with RefectoCil Brow tint

RefectoCil Lash and Brow Tint

RefectoCil tint offers up to 6 weeks of colour to brows and lashes giving them a more defined and voluminous appearance with beautiful gloss and shine. Includes hydrating under eye treatment, your choice of wax or threading with brow tint. A colour consultation and patch test are highly recommended and encouraged for best results.

Brow and Lash tint can be combined with Brow Lamination and Lash Lift 

RefectoCil Lash Lift

RefectoCil lash lift is a gentle, maintenance free alternative to lash extensions that offers up to 6 weeks of perfectly curled, fuller looking lashes. Includes hydrating under eye treatment. 

Can be combined with RefectoCil lash tint 


The ancient method of hair removal originating in India and Central Asia, threading is preformed by rolling a thin, coiled cotton thread over areas of unwanted facial hair.  Ideal for clients with known sensitivity to waxing or contraindications to waxing due to topical or oral medications.


The traditional method of hair removal from the face and select body locations. 

Skin Care

Founded over 70 years ago, Laboratoire Dr Renaud is a pioneer in the cosmetics industry and has continued
to break new ground ever since.
A proud Canadian company, research and innovation have been at the heart of its unique line of skincare for more than five decades.
Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s personalized skincare solutions represent the perfect synergy of science and aesthetics.
The goal is to offer visible and lasting results, customized solutions for each skin type and each skin condition: ageing skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and sensitive skin. Laboratoire Dr Renaud skin care products meet the needs of people of all ages.

Fundamental Facial

LDR Fundamental Facial is designed to fully relax your mind while renewing your skin and is recommended for all skin types
This facial is fully customized and designed to cleanse the skin of impurities, improve complexion and stimulate cell circulation. Includes a deep exfoliation follow by a unique oxygenation process to facilitate the removal of impurities. Complete with a relaxing massage, mask and finishing cream

Beautifying Eye Care Treatment

See fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness all reduced with this intensive eye treatment.

HydraScience AHD3

For all dehydrated skin, including oily and sensitive skin at the first signs of dehydration
Control of all skin's hydration for 100% superficially and deeply hydrated skin
Skin is plumped, features are smoothed and skin appears more youthful

Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Veil 

May be used on all skin types for superficially and deeply dehydrated skin
Fights visible signs of laxity and deep wrinkles and detoxifies skin to boost the treatment effect

Chemical Peels

Peels are a revolutionary concept in the world of skin rejuvenation and restoration. These three peel formulations exfoliate, rejuvenate, treat and moisturize with a synergy of carefully selected acids and active ingredients (peptides and plant extracts).

Radiance Peel

Enhances the radiance of the complexion and reduces pigmentation
Improves elasticity of facial contours
Reduces signs of ageing
Improves radiant complexion

Clear Up Peel

Reduces impurities
Fights against visible imperfections - Tightens dilated pores
Reduces ingrown hairs
Soothes skin

Timeless Peel

Fights premature ageing caused mainly by UV rays and pollution Decreases the appearance of skin sagging and deep wrinkles Exfoliates skin allowing a gradual rejuvenation Restores the skin’s natural pH Promotes a radiant complexion

Retinol Activ 0.5

For all skin types
Combines medical concentrations of pure retinol and salicylic acid with highly effective cosmetic ingredients such as AHA, resveratrol, ceramides and antioxidants.
Helps correct the onset of signs of aging
Reduces pores and improves overall texture and tone

Dermaplaning Facial  $90

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique that removes surface debris such as dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka peach fuzz on the face with the use of a custom dermaplaning blade

This facial treatment is ideal for most skin types but clients with diabetes, on blood thinners, experiencing active breakouts or on Accutane should not receive this service 

Benefits of dermaplaning are :  
Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Facilitates maximum product absorption and flawless makeup application
Improves skin texture and tone 
Immediate results and zero downtime    
The entire dermaplaning facial treatment is customized and designed to relax and leave your skin smooth and glowing for weeks 
Includes: cleanse, exfoliation, dermaplaning, massage and treatment mask 

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