Jeannette Matak 

ESSENTRICS® - Mobility-Strength-Flexibility-Range of Motion

Essentrics is a dynamic, full body workout that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening, while engaging all 650 muscles.

This low impact, equipment free class is perfect for men and women who want to improve posture, release tight muscles while helping relieve pain. 

Jeannette has been in the fitness industry since 1994 with fitness certifications through the YMCA and CanFitPro.  Wanting to specialize in Seniors Fitness, she chose the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging, Western University where in 2014 she received Seniors Fitness certification and in 2016 CanFitPro’s – Active Aging certificate.  In 2017 she became Bone Fit trained through Osteoporosis     Canada and an Urban Poling certified Instructor.  In 2018 she became Essentrics Level 1 Certified and is currently working towards Level 2 certification. Seniors are her main focus. She leads Seniors Fitness classes, in the community in both private and group settings.


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